• Feasibility & Techno-Economic Studies
  • Process Selection
  • Conceptual Study
  • Basic Design
  • Detailed Design

    We provide full range design and engineering services in Oil and Gas industries. Through a flexible multidiscipline engineering organization and by allocating task force teams, Tehran Raymand ensures fulfillment of projects goals and achievement of clients’ satisfaction. We have a track record of providing 700,000 engineering man-hours in a year while having an attainable capacity of one Million man-hours of engineering services per annum. In Tehran Raymand, we promote a proactive engineering environment to meet the design requirements and to develop quality engineering considering all aspects of the project. To do so, our engineering teams comply with projects’ contractual and governing standards, while utilizing best engineering practices.Tehran Raymand engineering departments also provide technical support to procurement organization, in selection of the qualified bidders to purchase materials and equipment. They also provide technical support either at home office or in field to resolve the technical queries arising during fabrication and construction works. In course of engineering activities, through multidisciplinary meetings, safety and constructability aspects of the plants are assured. Utilizing process mapping techniques, we have designed our engineering processes in order to enforce a uniform and agreed upon basis for the engineering methods which are aligned with business strategies, objectives and plans.

  • Procurement

    One of the main objectives of Tehran Raymand Procurement Division is to procure materials and equipment that are “Fit for Purpose” and are in compliance with quality and safety requirements. These procurement activities are performed taking into consideration project time schedule in order to ensure that the required information are handed over to engineering teams as per schedule and also equipment and materials are available at construction site as planned. All these activities are performed with careful monitoring of the projects’ budget. A multi-discipline, highly motivated procurement team will be allocated to each project. This team with the aid of an integrated procurement management system will control all stages of the procurement activities namely preparation of requisitions, purchasing, transportation and delivery at site. This procurement team which is supported by Tehran Raymand engineering departments is also responsible to verify that the purchased equipment and materials are in compliance with related specifications.



  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management has been one of the main constituents of Tehran Raymand Consulting Engineers’ strategic objectives. We have established an assessment system to evaluate the performance of our manufacturing subcontractors including stationary, rotating and packaged equipment, electrical equipment, control and instrumentation, piping, etc. in order to devise a supply chain management network for performing quality services in different projects. Tehran Raymand considers this system as one of its competitive advantages both in term of cost and quality.


    Tehran Raymand construction management team ensures that activities performed in construction sites are coordinated and oriented toward achievement of project pre-determined goals and objectives. This team will be actively involved in construction and installation activities and will collaborate with both client and different construction contractors. One of the main responsibilities of this team is to ensure that all requirements and contractual obligations are fulfilled by construction contractors. Tehran Raymand’s site organization works closely with client’s site team and will jointly cooperate for quality inspection, testing and any other possible aspects involving project main objectives. Quality, time and cost objectives as delineated in project plans are controlled by our construction supervision teams. This includes construction progress measurement to be cross checked versus project plan to propose remedial action in case of any slippage from defined milestones and objectives. Maintaining people and projects’ safety requirements is one of our goals which is pursued by allocation of HSE teams who are always available at sites to ensure that all safety regulations are observed and complied with.



  • Project Management
  • Planning & Controlling
  • Management consultancy

    With the aim of effective and efficient management of projects in Tehran Raymand, an integrated project management system has been established in the organization. Having professional resources along with utilizing the latest project management tools and approaches enables us to assure continuing movement of various projects towards pre-determined objectives. A comprehensive management methodology encompassing project life cycle is adopted in all Tehran Raymand projects to achieve successful completion of projects. This management philosophy addresses projects’ constraints namely schedule, cost, scope and quality. Tehran Raymand “Project Management Office (PMO)” has been established in order to maximize the effectiveness of designed management philosophy in each project along with reinforcement of organizational standard practices and principles.