Project Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU)
Client Sazeh
Owner Khorasan Petrochemical Company (KHPC)
Location Bojnourd, North Khorsan, Iran
Services • Project Management
• Paticipation in Basic eng.
• Detailed eng.
• Project Management
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Khorasan Petrochemical Company (KHPC) has recognized a growing demand for a specialized fertilizer known as Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU). SCU fertilizer is known for its ability to control the release of nutrients, especially in comparison to other forms of urea fertilizer, and is particularly preferred for use in paddy fields.
The plant is designed to produce 90,000 metric tons per annum (MTPA) of SCU fertilizer, which is packaged in bags. The raw materials required for production include Urea (in both prill and granular forms), Sulfur (in powder form), and Wax (in solid form).
The SCU Plant consists of the following civil units:
• SCU Unit
• Sulfur Unloading, Storage & Melting System
• Wax Unloading, Storage & Melting System
• Urea Handling System (including Transfer Tower and Screening Building)
• Product Bag Filling & Storage System
• MCC & Control Room

Project S&E PVC Plants
Client Sazeh
Owner Arvand Petrochemical Company
Location Bandar Imam , Iran
Services • Detailed Engineering
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The establishment of a PVC COMPLEX is one of NPC's development objectives, and ARVAND Petrochemical Company, a fully-owned affiliate of NPC, intends to undertake the project based on the requirements outlined in the contract documents.
The COMPLEX is located at site No. 2 within the Special Economic Zone in Bandar Imam, in the northwest of the Persian Gulf.
The COMPLEX comprises COMMON FACILITIES/STORAGE UNITS and the following plants:
• C/A Plant
• EDC/VCM Plant
• S-PVC Plant
• E-PVC Plant
The S&E PVC Plants include the following Civil Units:
S-PVC Plant:
• C420 Dissolving
• C430 Polymerization
• C450 Drying
• C480 Storage
• C485 Bagging
• C510 VCM Recovery
• C530 Waste Water Treatment
• C603 Pipe Rack
E-PVC Plant:
• C425 Dissolving
• C455 Latex Storage and Filtration
• C465 Drying
• C485 Bagging and Storage
• C535 Waste Water Treatment
• C605 Pipe Rack

Project 4th Aromatics Plant
Client Sazeh
Owner Borzouyeh Petrochemical Company
Location Assaluyeh, Iran
Services • Detailed Engineering
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The plant will consist of the following process units and all necessary ancillary units:
1. Process/Utility Units, including:
• Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Process & Gas Condensate Prefractionation
• Hydro-treating Process, Catalytic Reforming Process, and Catalytic Regeneration Process
• Reformate & Aromatics Separation Process, and BT Extraction Process
• Disproportionation Process, and Transalkylation Process
• Para Xylene Separation Process
• Isomerization Process, Fuel Gas, Effluent, and Flare Unit

2. Tankage Area
3. Administration & Control Area

Project CO plant
Client Sazeh
Owner Fanavaran Petrochemical Company
Location Bandar Imam , Iran
Services • Detailed engineering
• Procurement
• Project management
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The plan will include the following process units and all necessary ancillary units:
1. Feed gas preparation and desulfurization process unit, comprising:
• Feed gas preheating section
• Feed gas desulfurization section
• Reforming section
• Waste heat recovery/steam production section
2. CO2 removal process unit, consisting of:
• CO2 absorption section
• Regeneration of solvent solution section
• Final cooling section
3. Purification process unit, including:
• CO purification (by cryogenics-compression) section
• Drying section
4. Interconnection, tankage, and other auxiliary facilities units for the entire unit.
In total, the plant is expected to produce 14,000 metric tons per year (MTPY) of final CO products, based on an annual operating duration of 7,920 hours.