Project Khatoon Abad Acid Plant Project
Client NIPEC
Owner National Iranian Copper Industries Company
Location Kerman, Iran
Services • FEED Review
• Detailed Engineering
• Procurement Services
• Project Management
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Nonferrouse Industries Process , Engineering&Construction Company (NIPEC)has planned to Design,Procure,Construct and Commission a sulphuric acid plant to treat the off-gases from copper smelter plant in Khatoon Abad, Iran. The acid plant will be required to process approximately 230,000(design) Nm3/hr of smelter gas, and will include gas cleaning, gas contact/acid, acid storage/loading and effluent treatment areas. The SO2 concentration in the Incoming gas is sufficiently high that product H2SO4 acid in the range of 93% up to 98.5% can be produced. Production of sulphuric acid will be approximately 2,950 t/d (design). The function of acid plant is to protect the local environment by removing the contaminants from the smelter off-gases and converting the SO2 in the gas, to commercial quality sulphuric acid. Tehran Raymand has been selected as the consultant for detail engineering and procurement services of this project.

The sulphuric acid plant includes the following units:
• Unit 410 : Gas Cleaning Plant
• Unit 420 : Sulphuric Acid Plant
• Unit 430 :Loading & storage
• Unit 450: Acid Cooler Section
• Unit 455: Water Cooler Section
• Unit 460: Electric Substation
• Unit 480: Effluent Treatment Unit

Project Odorant Production Unit
Client NIGC
Owner National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)
Location Assaluyeh, Iran
Services • Reviewing Basic Package and EPC Tender Documents
• Reviewing Conceptual Design Documents
• Project Management
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In pursuance of the NIGC’ goal of making an effective contribution to the development of the Iranian oil & gas industry and alleviation of any operational difficulties, their Research/Development/Technology Department has recently started to establish an “Odorant Production Unit”. Considering this and in accordance with the excellent reputation of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) in providing the engineering solutions to the oil and gas industries through a combination of research and development in process simulation with state of the art computerized engineering technology, NIGC and RIPI has signed a contract for preparing Basic package and EPC tender document of Odorant Production Unit with capacity of 800 Ton per Year, which will be designed and installed in South Pars Gas Field phase 1 complex, located in Southwest of Iran.
The process consists of:

• Pre-wash section.
• Extraction section
• Regeneration section
• Mercaptance distillations
• Product drying section

In light of the above and in order to provide executive companies with flexible, accurate, and efficient technologies, which improve their bottom line, NIGC has invited Tehran Raymand Consulting Engineers as the managing consultant to review the relevant process technology effort and engineering concepts for ensuring proper execution of the above-mentioned project and acquisition of aimed knowledge and skills.

Project Sugar Cane Plant (No. 6 & 7)
Client Sazeh
Owner Sugar Cane Development Company of Iran
Location Khuzestan, Iran
Services • Detailed Engineering
• Project management
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The plant is comprised of two separate complete integrated 10,000 TCD Raw Sugar Factories and the related Refinery, having a capacity of 60 percent of Raw Sugar Factory. Each plant comprises of Raw & Refinery Units, Steam Generation Unit, Power Plant, Water Treatment, Cooling Towers, Fuel Oil Storage & Distribution, Molasses Storage and Unloading Facilities, Raw and Refined Sugar Storage and Unloading Facilities, Administration Building, Canteen, etc.