TRCE at a Glance


Tehran Raymand Consulting Engineers has been established as a Private Joint Stock Company on 1992 and as a full-services and multi-disciplined EPCM firm providing services to Iran’s Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries. Tehran Raymand has executed or cooperated in execution of various industrial projects including engineering and design, procurement and construction management.

As the demands for services in Oil and Gas industries grow, we enhance our capabilities to meet the upcoming challenges in the business with focus on our values as well as clients’ requirements. Through past decades, we have become a reputable EPCM company and one of the main players in Oil and Gas industries by proudly rendering quality services to our clients.

Tehran Raymand human resources are allocated to different disciplines of management and administration, engineering, procurement and construction management. To maximize our capabilities, we improve our personnel’s expertise. We continue to invest in our team to grow careers, skills and opportunities. We promote the communities in which we operate with the highest level of integrity.



We value our team members. We consider any member of Tehran Raymand family as one of our valued stakeholders. Capabilities of Tehran Raymand’s human resources, among other reasons, have its roots in the fact that our highly qualified multidisciplinary teams have a vast experience in Oil and Gas industries. Their long-term involvement in Tehran Raymand motivates them to pursue success of their organization in each field which they are a part of. The quality of our team members is the foundation of our ability to serve our clients. That’s why we invest considerable resources to recruit exceptional talents and to enhance their technical and managerial skills. To create an environment that fosters their growth and to provide a challenging and rewarding atmosphere, Tehran Raymand has established a human resource management system that has been practiced across the organization. All personnel are aware of the requirements they need to fulfill in order to move forward in their professional path in the company. In order to utilize the best of our qualified resources, we have practiced matrix organization in all our projects. This enables us to be flexible enough in meeting varying needs of clients in different projects.